How to weave high-performance fabrics with nylon 66 yarn


Nylon 66 fiber and nylon 6 fiber are the main types of […]

Nylon 66 fiber and nylon 6 fiber are the main types of synthetic fibers, while nylon 66 fiber is a commonly used synthetic fiber for underwear fabrics. The excellent properties of nylon 66 are widely used in industries such as high-end underwear fabrics, seamless underwear and medical fabrics.

For nylon 66 fiber, to weave high-performance and high-quality fabrics, it is necessary to have a more detailed understanding of nylon 66 fiber, so that problems can be prevented and solved during weaving production. We analyze the characteristics, yarn quality (spinning process issues), weaving workshop environment, and warehouse management.

Nylon 66 characteristics


It has the reputation of "Second Skin".

Comfortable and flexible

Richness, lightness and high dimensional stability.

Rich feel

The rich, soft and bulky feel is unique and irreplaceable.

Functionality of medical fabrics

It is an excellent material for medical rehabilitation and can inhibit microorganisms and corrosion. Good hand feeling, moisture wicking, heat preservation and other functions, weaving a more fashionable visual appearance.

Strong and wear-resistant

It can be used as outdoor clothing, and it has good hand feeling and fabric clothing which needs fastness and is not easy to fade.

Knitting and weaving requirements for nylon 66 yarn:

The crystallinity, processing temperature and yarn tension of nylon 66 fiber during spinning

In the spinning process: the effect of adding matting agent and spinning finish, evenness of evenness, amino content and stability, degree of polymerization of fiber, fiber draft, bulkiness, heating during spinning stability.

Weaving process: the coordination of equipment and yarn, the control of tension during weaving, the environment of the weaving workshop, and the influence of dry humidity.

Warehouse management: batch and batch number, cone yarn hardness.

In the actual production, the weaving factory found that many factories use nylon 66 yarn to weave, it is very easy to cause fabric noodle marks, and the same process is no problem when weaving nylon 6. The weaving of nylon 66 is more delicate than nylon 6. Mainly through the inspection of each batch of yarn, the color management of the batch is done. Weaving tension control requires higher ambient temperature than nylon 6.

Weaving high strict management and quality control management will weave and dye healthy and high-performance fabrics that are beneficial to the body and mind and colorful colors.


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