• Functional fabric types

    Functional fabric types

    Synthetic fiber functional fabric. It is often processed and produced in some cotton printing and dyeing factories or silk factories. It includes the use of functional fibers, such as bamboo charcoal fiber, bamboo raw fiber, chitin fiber, moisture-absorbing and quick-drying fiber, composite fiber su... read more

    Dec 03,2020 Industry News
  • Selection skills of pattern fabrics

    Selection skills of pattern fabrics

    There are many patterns in the fabric, and the wearing effect of each pattern is very different. If you observe carefully, you will find that this is an interesting and knowledgeable subject. If under the same brightness and saturation (the degree of turbidity of the color), the plain color appears ... read more

    Nov 28,2020 Industry News
  • Development of high-quality denim

    Development of high-quality denim

    Denim fabric has always been an enduring popular product. After recent years of development, several categories of high-quality denim fabrics have undergone different changes through the use of new techniques, new equipment, and following the trend of the general trend. Ring spun denim With the deve... read more

    Nov 20,2020 Industry News
  • Flax modified fiber

    Flax modified fiber

    In Russia’s textilendustry base in Ivanovo Oblast, a project commissioned by the Russian Federal Government has been implemented with symptoms last year to date: "flax waste and flax deep processing to manufacture competitive products." As a specific measure to help the textile industry, one of the ... read more

    Nov 14,2020 Industry News
  • High-density NC cloth fabric and TNC fabric

    High-density NC cloth fabric and TNC fabric

    High-density NC cloth fabric: High-density NC cloth is a kind of fabric that is blended or interwoven with nylon (nylon) and cotton yarn. Its warp and weft density is relatively large, and it generally adopts a flat structure. This product combines the advantages of nylon and cotton yarn. The abrasi... read more

    Nov 06,2020 Industry News