Analysis of the characteristics of yarn(1)


1. The so-called "yarn" generally refers to the collect […]

1. The so-called "yarn" generally refers to the collective name of "yarn" and "thread", and is defined in the science of clothing materials as follows: "yarn" is
Many short fibers or filaments are arranged in an approximately parallel state, and twisted and twisted in the axial direction, the composition has a constant strength and a linear density.
Slender objects; and "threads" are strands of two or more single yarns twisted together.
Divided by yarn material
2. Pure spinning Yarn is a yarn spun from a fiber material, such as cotton, wool, hemp, and silk spinning. This type of yarn is suitable
Should be made of pure textiles.
3. Blended yarn Blended yarn is a yarn spun from two or more fibers, such as polyester and cotton blended yarn, wool and viscose
Rubber blended yarn and so on. Such yarns are used in fabrics that highlight the advantages of both fibers.

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