Briefly describe the type of yarn


Yarn types and three types: worsted yarn; woolen yarn; […]

Yarn types and three types: worsted yarn; woolen yarn; press spinning; waste spinning.
1. Worsted yarn
Worsted yarn is also called combed yarn, which refers to the yarn spun through the combing process, including combed cotton yarn and combed yarn. The fibers in the yarn have high parallel straightness, uniform evenness and smoothness, but higher cost and higher yarn count. Combed yarn is mainly used for raw materials of high-grade fabrics and knitwear, such as fine spinning, gabardine, tweed, woolen sweater, etc.
2. Worsted yarn
Woolen yarn is also called carded yarn or carded cotton yarn, which refers to the yarn that is combed according to a common spinning system without being spun. Wool yarn contains more short fibers, poor parallel straightness, loose structure, more hair, lower yarn count, and lower quality.
3. Waste spinning
Waste spinning refers to yarn spun from textile waste (waste cotton) or mixed with low-grade raw materials. Yarn has poor quality, softness, uneven dryness, many impurities, and poor color. It is generally used only for weaving low-grade fabrics such as thick cotton blankets, thick velvet cloths and packing cloths.

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