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Ciba quick-drying fabric

CIBA Ciba Refining Additive-Quick-drying

Ciba Outfit is specially designed for moisture wicking finishing, mainly for sports and outdoor sportswear, so that the fabric has the characteristics of absorbing sweat, beautiful and comfortable, and suitable for all fiber finishing processes;

Introduction of quick-drying fabrics-main functions

The main function of quick-drying fabrics is to quickly wick away sweat. It does not absorb sweat, but quickly transfers sweat to the surface of the clothes, and expands the area as much as possible to accelerate the evaporation rate, so as to achieve the purpose of quick drying.

Wearing ordinary sportswear, you will immediately switch to a rest state after exercising and sweating, and you will get sick due to changes in body temperature. The quick-drying fabric can disperse moisture and retain warmth, which helps keep the skin dry and fresh. Especially when doing outdoor sports, quick-drying fabrics can play a better role in preventing wind, rain and moisture.

Introduction of quick-drying fabrics--material introduction

Most of the quick-drying fabrics are made of chemical fiber fabrics, but due to the difference in processing technology, it has the effect that ordinary clothes do not have. Under normal circumstances, wearing quick-drying fabrics in spring and summer is much more convenient and practical than heavy jackets.

At present, the fabrics used in quick-drying fabrics are mainly polyester fibers, and some of them use environmentally friendly fibers such as soybeans. Polyester fiber, also called nylon, has different water absorption properties from cotton and linen. After the cotton and linen are saturated with water, they have the ability to store water and are siphonic, that is, when a drop of water drops on the cotton and linen clothing, the water will spread immediately. The biggest feature of polyester fiber is that it does not siphon after water absorption, but increases the evaporation rate by increasing the wet area.

According to the style and other factors, the polyester fiber content of different quick-drying fabrics also has certain differences. Some contain 100% polyester fiber, and some may also contain fiber components such as cotton and linen.

It is worth noting that if the quick-drying fabric contains 100% polyester fiber, it is not the most comfortable state in terms of human wearing experience. And adding certain cotton, spandex and other fiber components to a quick-drying fabric can make it more comfortable to wear. Among them, spandex will make clothes have a certain degree of elasticity, while LYCRA is a special spandex, which can be thoroughly fused with natural and man-made fibers, and can also increase the comfort of fabrics or clothing, the sense of tightness, Free movement and longevity.

Introduction of quick-drying fabric-100% containing polyester fiber

100% polyester fiber will make consumers feel uncomfortable wearing a layer of nylon on their body. To avoid this, different brands have their own solutions according to their own functional positioning.

Founded in 1989 in VANCOUVER, Canada, the brand of Archaeopteryx, aimed at outdoor and sports professionals, changed the discomfort of polyester fibers after absorbing water through different weaving methods.

While Columbia, NorthFace and other brands that take into account both outdoor and urban leisure positioning, they pay more attention to comfort and life, and will add some cotton and other ingredients.

NorthFace's unique technology can make cotton fiber and other fabrics also have a good quick-drying function.

Introduction of quick-drying fabrics--COOLMAX

COOLMAX is one of the most common and relatively widely used fabrics, developed by DuPont. The outstanding feature of the fabric is that it has a strong function of absorbing sweat and wicking away perspiration. This is due to the hollow structure of COOLMAX, but when choosing quick-drying fabrics, you must see the proportion of COOLMAX in the fabric.

Introduction of quick-drying fabrics--THEMOLITE

The polyester fiber of THEMOLITE has good thermal performance and belongs to the hollow polyester fiber series, but the disadvantage is that the perspiration performance is relatively poor.

Introduction of quick-drying fabric--MONI-DRY

MONI-DRY is a moisture-absorbing and quick-drying fabric, developed by COLUMBIA. Its main feature is super volatility and water absorption, which is 2 to 3 times stronger than ordinary cotton cloth, which effectively keeps the wearer comfortable and dry.

Introduction of quick-drying fabrics--CIBAULTRAPHIL

CIBAULTRAPHIL is a product of Ciba Company. The biggest advantage of this fabric is comfort and easy cleaning. It is specially designed by Ciba Company to optimize the moisture control ability of clothes and enhance its aesthetics. This fabric can well assist in perspiration. It keeps the body dry and comfortable at all times. In addition, it does not have static electricity, making clothes lasting bright as new.

Introduction of quick-drying fabrics--ACTIVENT

ACTIVENT is a chemical material produced by the American GORE company that is windproof, very breathable, and resistant to a little water. It is a kind of film that needs to be pressed together with other nylon materials and is more suitable for bicycle enthusiasts. Quick-drying fabric.

Introduction of quick-drying fabrics--M.C.S

MCS is a kind of protective technology synthetic fabric fiber, which has strong moisture absorption, can make moisture quickly absorbed by the body surface, and the fabric has high abrasion resistance and deformation resistance, no ball, tear resistance, fast Dry fabrics can maintain their bright colors after being washed and ironed many times.

Introduction of quick-drying fabrics-material anti-sun treatment

Quick-drying fabrics usually also have high sun protection. In fact, any piece of clothing has a certain anti-UV function. Outdoor sports have higher requirements for clothes. Some brands also specialize the fiber of the clothes to make them have a higher UV protection function, and mark their reference values, just like the SPF value of sunscreen products.

Under normal circumstances, after the fiber is treated with sun resistance, its function will not decrease with time and the influence of washing. This is the case with the omnishield function first introduced by Columbia.

Introduction of quick-drying fabrics--special treatment of quick-drying pants

Generally speaking, the fabrics used in quick-drying pants and quick-drying fabrics are exactly the same. The difference is that some quick-drying pants made of non-elastic fabrics will have a special three-dimensional design on the knees, leaving room for movements during exercise. More comfortable to wear.

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