Development of high-quality denim


Denim fabric has always been an enduring popular produc […]

Denim fabric has always been an enduring popular product. After recent years of development, several categories of high-quality denim fabrics have undergone different changes through the use of new techniques, new equipment, and following the trend of the general trend.

Ring spun denim
With the development and application of new technology and equipment such as high-speed ring spinning, large packages, fine winding, and knotless yarns, the shortcomings of coarse yarn spinning length, low production efficiency, and many knots have been solved. The situation in which denim yarn is replaced by airflow yarn is rapidly changing. Because the ring-spun yarn denim has some properties that are superior to the air-spun yarn, such as hand feel, drape, tear strength, etc., it is also affected by people's psychological return to nature and the pursuit of primitive denim style. The more important reason is the ring-spun yarn denim. After the garment is polished and washed, the surface will show a hazy bamboo-like effect, which is in line with the individual needs of today's denim. Therefore, ring-spun yarn is making a comeback. In addition, slub denim is very popular in the market, and ring slubs can be spun into shorter and denser slubs, which also promotes the development of ring denim.
Slub denim
When slub yarns of different yarn numbers and different slub thicknesses are used, single warp or single weft and both warp and weft directions are equipped with slub yarns, and when they are properly proportioned and arranged with normal yarns of the same or different numbers, A variety of slub denim fabrics can be produced, which can form a variety of hazy or clearer striped styles after the garment is washed, which is welcomed by individualized demand groups. Early slub denim fabrics were almost always made of ring-spun slub yarn, which can be spun slub yarn with shorter length, smaller pitch and relatively larger density, which is easy to form a denser embellishment effect on the cloth surface, and is Mainly to bamboo. At present, the latitude and longitude two-way slub denim, especially the two-way slub denim with latitude elasticity, are very popular in domestic and foreign markets. For some varieties, as long as the organizational structure is well designed, a single variety of ring-spun yarn can be used in the warp direction, and a proper proportion of slub yarn in the weft direction can also achieve the effect of warp and weft bidirectional slub denim.
Weft stretch denim
The use of spandex stretch yarn has allowed the development of denim varieties to enter a new field, making denim garments fit and comfortable, coupled with slub or different colors, making denim products more suitable for fashion, which has great potential for development. At present, most elastic denim fabrics are weft elastic, and the elastic elongation is generally 20% to 40%. The elastic elongation depends on the weave design of the fabric. The smaller the tightness of the weft and the warp on the cloth machine, the greater the elasticity. On the contrary, under the condition of fixed warp yarn structure, the greater the tightness of the weft elastic yarn, the smaller the elasticity, the tightness of the weft reaches a certain level, and even the loss of elasticity. In addition, the outstanding problem of the finished elastic denim fabric is that the shrinkage rate in the weft direction is too large, generally more than 10%, and even as high as 20% or more in some cases. Manufacturers are required not to make the elastic elongation too large during product design, generally 20% to 30%, that is, to maintain a certain degree of tightness in the warp and weft direction, and adopt appropriate methods of increasing tension during pre-shrinking to make the fabric width There is greater shrinkage. In addition, the elastic denim fabric is pre-shrinked and then heat-set to obtain a more uniform fabric width and a more stable and lower weft shrinkage rate.
Special color denim
Clothing made of super indigo dyed or extra-deep indigo dyed denim can obtain special effects of strong and bright color after grinding and washing, so it is widely welcomed by consumers.

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