Fabric knowledge of various composition specifications part one


Mousse fabric: 3M Waterproof Mousse Cloth: The fabric a […]

Mousse fabric:
3M Waterproof Mousse Cloth: The fabric adopts the latest modern technology-"new synthetic fiber" that is a high-density fabric woven with superfine fibers as raw materials, soft, smooth and delicate; the fabric has countless times more fine hairiness than ordinary fabric , The surface area and micropores are countless times higher, so the fabric has great dust-holding, oil-removing and decontamination capabilities. The fabric also uses the latest 3M brand-name waterproof glue from the United States. After special processing, the molecular micro-materials of the 3M glue penetrate into the fibers of the fabric. It has good waterproof performance and does not affect the breathability and moisture permeability of the fabric. The fabric is popular in Europe and America and is widely used in clothing.
Its characteristics: the appearance is fine and clean, plump, with a slight velvet feeling, but no fluff can be seen by the eyes; the gloss is soft and elegant; the hand feels soft, smooth and delicate; the touch is warm; the cloth body is fluffy and elastic. Dry clean carefully and do not wring out.

TENCEL fabric:
Tencel, a brand new viscose fiber, also known as LYOCELL viscose fiber, its trade name is Tencel.
Tencel is produced by solvent spinning technology based on ammonium oxide, which is completely different from the previous production method of viscose fiber. Because of the solvent spinning technology, it is completely different from the previous viscose fiber preparation method. Because the solvent can be recycled and is not harmful to the ecology, it is also called the 21st century viscose fiber. Tencel's ingredient is fiber diesel, and its production materials are natural trees.
The main characteristics of Tencel are: high wet strength (higher than cotton fiber) and higher wet modulus than cotton. It has good hygroscopicity of viscose fiber and high strength like synthetic fiber. Tencel fabric has good dimensional stability, low washing shrinkage, soft fabric and silky luster. When there is a temperature, the Tencel fabric will expand. It acts like a barrier. It can prevent the intrusion of rain and snow while still maintaining its breathability. The silk fabric has the same comfort as natural fibers. The garments made of Tencel are compliant and can be washed in many ways, and they remain soft and will not change shape. Hand wash, do not use bleach, dry in the shade, do not wring out.

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