High-density NC cloth fabric and TNC fabric


High-density NC cloth fabric: High-density NC cloth is […]

High-density NC cloth fabric:
High-density NC cloth is a kind of fabric that is blended or interwoven with nylon (nylon) and cotton yarn. Its warp and weft density is relatively large, and it generally adopts a flat structure. This product combines the advantages of nylon and cotton yarn. The abrasion resistance of nylon ranks first among natural fibers and chemical fibers. Polyamide has good moisture absorption, and its wearing comfort and dyeing performance are better than polyester. Therefore, the blending or interweaving of nylon and cotton yarn will not reduce the moisture absorption and wearing comfort of cotton yarn. , Nylon is lighter, while cotton yarn is heavier. After the two are interwoven or blended, the weight of the fabric can be reduced; the elasticity of nylon is excellent, and after blending or interweaving with cotton yarn, the elasticity of the fabric is improved;
The shortcomings of NC fabrics are: because nylon participates in interweaving or blending, the fabric has poor heat resistance and light resistance. During use, care must be taken to meet the conditions for washing and ironing to avoid damage. Its most notable style features: not easy to wear, soft and comfortable, easy to clean. Do not explode, do not wring out.

TNC fabric:
The fabric uses high-tech fiber, namely super fiber (nylon, polyester) and high count cotton yarn composite, namely the latest popular fabric woven with three-in-one composite fiber. The fabric combines the characteristics of polyester, nylon and cotton yarns, and combines the advantages of the three fibers in one. It has good abrasion resistance, good elastic recovery rate, good strength, smooth and smooth hand feeling, comfortable and breathable, novel and unique style , Is an ideal fabric for clothing. Can be dry cleaned, not wringed out.

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