How to choose the material of cycling socks?


Bamboo charcoal yarn, nylon, DuPont Lycra, cool yarn Th […]

Bamboo charcoal yarn, nylon, DuPont Lycra, cool yarn

These are commonly used materials for making cycling socks

Each material has different functions

Each material has different characteristics

Therefore, the functions and characteristics of cycling socks of different materials are not the same

Today I will take everyone to understand

What is the difference between cycling socks of different materials!

Bamboo charcoal yarn

Bamboo charcoal is a pure natural product, non-toxic, tasteless, and has no side effects. Its material is dense, large in proportion, many pores, and rich in minerals. Because the carbon itself has countless pores, the carbon pores can effectively absorb various floating substances in the air, and can absorb, decompose and deodorize harmful chemicals such as sulfides, hydrides, methanol, benzene, phenol, etc. effect. Bamboo charcoal is dense and porous, has a large specific surface area, and can absorb and release water. The microporous properties of bamboo charcoal can absorb energy from the outside world and the human body, which can reduce the loss of thermal radiation energy.


Nylon has high mechanical strength, good toughness, and high tensile and compressive strength. In cycling socks, nylon mainly plays a role in increasing durability and elasticity.

Dupont Lycra

DuPont Lycra material is a polyester spandex produced by dry spinning. Its fiber is composed of flexible segments and rigid segments. It is this molecular structure that gives Lycra excellent extensibility and elastic recovery performance. Stretched to 4-7 times the original length, the recovery rate is 100%, and it can be close to the surface of the human body after recovery, and the binding force on the human body is very small. Cycling socks made of Leica materials don't feel the slightest urgency or crampedness when wearing them. This kind of Qibab has good elasticity and is not easy to deform, so that the socks are more close-fitting, fit, soft and comfortable to wear, stretch and close, and fit without restraint.

Cool yarn

Cool feeling yarn is a moisture-wicking fiber with a special cross-shaped cross-section, which can quickly absorb and transmit moisture and sweat from the skin surface to the surface of the cloth. Even in a humid environment, it can keep the skin dry and happy. . The high number of cross-shaped sections can improve the functionality and comfort of the fabric. Because the fiber contains ore (inorganic powder) that releases cold elements, the heat absorption speed will slow down, and the heat dissipation speed will increase. The slow heat absorption and fast heat dissipation characteristics of the fiber will increase the coolness of the skin when it comes in contact with the human skin and have good heat dissipation performance, which evenly meets the requirements of the lower woven fabric design.

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