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Identifying the material of the webbing, the experience […]

Identifying the material of the webbing, the experienced webbing knows what the webbing material is, the width and thickness. However, as a newcomer who has just stepped into the webbing industry, it is obviously up to the accumulation of experience to reach such a level. The method of distinguishing the webbing is: touch (feel of the webbing), view its color, and burn. The following is an introduction to the material of the identification ribbon:
Combustion method: ignite it with fire, observe the state of the burning flame, smell the odor emitted after burning, and look at the remaining matter after burning, thereby judging the material of the webbing.
 The touch method, nylon yarn or nylon yarn material has soft, smooth, bright color, good gloss and light material; the polypropylene (PP) material has a soft, rough and poor gloss; the polyester material has a color comparison. It is rigid, but its color fastness is good and its specific gravity is heavier. Polyester short silk (also known as polyester civilian silk, commonly known as polyester cotton) has a similar texture and cotton texture. It is soft to the touch.
First, cotton fiber and hemp fiber
 Both cotton fiber and hemp fiber are burning near the flame, burning rapidly, the flame is yellow, and blue smoke is emitted. The difference between the two smells of burning and the ash after burning is that the cotton burns to emit a paper smell, and the hemp burns to give off the ash smell of grass; after burning, the cotton has very little powder ash, which is black or gray, and the hemp produces a small amount of grayish white powder ash.
Second, nylon and polyester
 Polyamide (nylon), the name of the polyamide fiber, is rapidly curled into a white gel in the near flame. It melts and blisters in the flame. There is no flame when burning. It is difficult to continue burning after leaving the flame, and it emits celery flavor. After cooling, The light brown melt is not easily broken.
 Polyester fiber name is easy to ignite, and it is melted near the flame. When burning, it emits black smoke when it melts. It has a yellow flame and emits an aromatic odor. After burning, the ash is a dark brown block and can be broken with fingers.

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