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Rayon is a man-made fibre silk, made up of cellulose (c […]

Rayon is a man-made fibre silk, made up of cellulose (cellulose), and cellulose is a major component of a plant organic compounds.Because it is a kind of cellulose fiber, therefore many performance with other fibers such as cotton and flax fiber at the same performance.This kind of fibers were tooth circle.

Chinese name: rayon
Sex: quality synthetic fibers made from silk
Sex: cellulose (cellulose)
Indications: so many performance

Artificial fiber editor
The preparation methods
Rayon (rayon) of oil source and biological, rayon called recycled fibers derived from biological, renewable fiber preparation methods: by cellulose raw material to extract the pure alpha cellulose (called pulp), and treated with caustic soda, carbon disulfide, orange yellow sodium cellulose xanthate, dissolve in dilute sodium hydroxide solution, again become sticky spinning dope, called viscose.Viscose by filtering, ripening (placed about 18 ~ 30 h at certain temperatures, to decrease the esterification degree of the cellulose xanthate ester), deaeration, wet spinning, coagulation bath consists of sulfuric acid, sodium sulfate and zinc sulfate.Of viscose cellulose xanthate and sodium sulfate effect of coagulation bath and decomposition of cellulose regeneration and precipitation, the cellulose fiber after washing, desulfurization, bleaching, drying the viscose fiber.Due to carbon disulfide in the production of toxic, mixes with air easy to fire, explosion, and thus to three wastes (waste gas, waste water and waste residue) for processing, and attention should be paid to labor protection and safety.At present, is exploring non-toxic cellulose solvents.

Rayon shioze, rich silk, rayon cotton, luster

Viscose rayon fiber is a kind of strength and abrasion resistance for general to good medium-duty fiber, with the hydrophilic (moisture regain of 11%), the fiber can be dry clean, in good care of in the case can be washed, won't produce electrostatic or pilling phenomenon, the price is not expensive.

Rayon in wet state when the strength of the loss of 30% ~ 50%, therefore, when washing, need to be careful, after drying, strength shall restore (modified viscose rayon, high wet modulus (HWM) viscose fibers, do not have this problem), elasticity and resilience of rayon can is bad, will shrink after washing, also easy to mildew decay.

Rayon of end use in the clothing, interior decoration and industrial areas (such as: women's coat, shirt, underwear, jackets, drapery, pharmaceuticals, nonwovens, health supplies, etc.).

Rayon of resolution
Rayon luster bright, feel a little hard, and feel cold, with his hand clenched, after more wrinkles, still have grain mark after flattening, pulled out of wet rubbing wire cloth with tongue end, rayon unbend easily ruptured, broken.The elastic is not the same as when wet.Soft silky luster, feel soft, fine texture, rub each other can emit special sound, commonly known as "silk sound" or "silk singing", go after clenched hands, less wrinkles and not obvious, silk products silk wet elastic consistent.Polyester yarn reflective strong sex, large stiffness, rebound quickly, crisp and crease resistant performance is good, strong, not easy to break.

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