My country speeds up the construction of fiber manufacturing innovation ecology


Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 12 (Reporter Zhang Xin […]

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 12 (Reporter Zhang Xinxin) Sun Ruizhe, chairman of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, said on the 12th that breakthroughs in fiber materials have become an important foundation for innovation in textiles and even more industries. my country has established a national-level manufacturing innovation center in the fiber field. In the next step, we will focus on new materials, promote breakthroughs in key core technologies and enhance technological iteration capabilities, and create a collaborative industrial innovation ecosystem.

  Sun Ruizhe made the above statement at the Advanced Fiber New Material Technology Innovation High-quality Development Forum hosted by the National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center and related departments on the 12th.

  Materials are the foundation of manufacturing. Fiber materials are widely used in various fields of production and life, and are an important foundation for design, technology, equipment, and product innovation in many fields such as textiles and chemicals.

   In 2020, my country's total textile fiber processing will account for more than 50% of the world's proportion, and chemical fiber production will account for more than 70% of the world's proportion. According to the data from Tianyan Check, there are currently more than 200 related enterprises whose name or business scope contains "new fiber material".

  The advantages of scale and sound industrial system have greatly improved the innovation level of my country's fiber materials. However, the key common technology supply, standards and intellectual property layout for the development of new fiber materials need to be further improved.

   Previously, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved the National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center as a national manufacturing innovation center, aiming to carry out common key and cutting-edge technology research and development around high-end fiber materials and textiles, functional fiber new materials and other fields. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposes that, in the next step, the innovation center should base itself on key enterprises, scientific research institutes and other innovation consortia, and organize the implementation of key forward-looking and strategic major scientific and technological projects.

   Sun Ruizhe said that Chinatex will strengthen industrial planning, promote technological innovation, and enable new fiber materials to develop in the direction of higher performance, multi-function, light weight, and flexibility. At the same time, focus on building a collaborative industrial innovation ecosystem, accelerate the construction of public data platforms and technology collaboration platforms, accelerate the integration of innovation chains and industrial chains, and promote the expansion and upgrade of fiber material application scenarios.

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