Promote brand strategy with innovative capacity building


The current textile export situation is becoming increa […]

The current textile export situation is becoming increasingly severe, but Hangzhou Yongchang Nylon Co., Ltd. still has confidence in the future. Efforts have been made from the following aspects:

One is to continuously promote the research and development of new products and develop irreplaceable products in other markets. According to Yao Mu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the current labor costs in India, Pakistan, and Vietnam are only 38% of my country's labor costs, and the raw material costs only account for 70% of domestic labor costs. Therefore, under the circumstance that the advantages of raw materials and labor costs are gradually reduced, my country's textile enterprises must take the road of innovation, increase the added value of products, and reduce internal costs. The second is to cultivate one's own brand and strive for more pricing power. “It’s difficult to cultivate a brand. It’s a long process to gain consumer recognition. At present, Yaguang’s own brand products can account for 15% of exports. It’s an easy thing. But as long as the company continues to innovate and develop on the basis of product quality, it can gradually form its own market reputation and own brand, gradually move out of OEM production, and improve market bargaining power.” The third is to use RMB appreciation and import Some excipients are offset.

In addition to the efforts of enterprises themselves, Fu Qingmin suggested that the state should also provide conditions for enterprises to improve their technological level and product quality. With regard to the import of key equipment in my country's textile industry, the state should grant more tax relief.

"World Factory" should be transformed

At the "International Symposium on Intellectual Property Strategy and Enterprise Competitiveness" held a few days ago, experts took the pulse of China’s current status of intellectual property protection and development, saying that China should end the era of "world factory" and that Chinese companies should have independent brand awareness and take independent research and development. road.

Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China has attracted many overseas companies to invest in China with low labor costs and preferential policies. It has become the processing center of many well-known brands in the world, and the name of "world factory" has been recognized by the world.

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