Textile companies call for green and low-carbon new materials


Recently, the "2021 China Textile Innovation Annual Con […]

Recently, the "2021 China Textile Innovation Annual Conference · Functional New Material International Forum" was held in Changle, Fuzhou. Many well-known fabric companies in our city include Federal Sanhe, Jinnuo Zhongyuan, Jiaxing Huahui, Haobao, Oriental Jingwei, Yurong, Liansheng, Jufengyuan, Gangyi, 678, Qianbai, Dajia and others went to Fuzhou to participate in the meeting.

It is reported that the conference will focus on the theme "new era, new materials and new kinetic energy", from the perspective of the national macro situation and industry top-level planning, combing the new trends of global textile new material technology development, and exploring the innovative genes and the entire industry of functional new material products. The new model of chain collaboration and win-win, discusses new ideas and new paths for the high-quality development of the textile industry during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

Sun Ruizhe, president of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, said at the meeting that we are in a woven world, and fiber materials have been widely used in various fields of production and life. For example, the "Tianwen No. 1" landing on Mars is behind the special The application of elastic rope equipment is an act of "passing the sky" of fiber. Fiber innovation not only determines the value and application of the textile industry, but also affects the development and form of the economy and society. He believes that at present, the domestic fiber industry has the characteristics of capital-intensive and technology-intensive, and its development has a strong driving effect on modern service industries such as scientific research and innovation, financial services, and information services.

According to industry insiders, at present, our province has formed a complete fiber industry system ranging from raw material production, fiber manufacturing, textile processing to terminal brands, and a number of groups such as Hengshen, Jinlun, Yongrong, Xinhuayuan, and Changyuan have emerged. World-class fiber and spinning enterprises have formed a hundred billion-level industrial cluster. Therefore, the development of a new type of textile fiber industry is tied to reality and the future.

Industry insiders suggest that Fujian textile enterprises should take "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" as their goals, accelerate the establishment of a green and low-carbon recycling new material industry system, and integrate green concepts and social responsibility systems into product life-cycle management. In design, production, circulation, recycling and other links, strengthen the research and development and application of green materials such as bio-based fibers, accelerate the measurability of green production, deepen green service innovation, and actively explore the application of green financial tools such as carbon finance. Facilitate industrial transformation and upgrading.

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