The domestic first differential polyester staple fiber flexible production line


The domestic first differential polyester staple fiber […]

The domestic first differential polyester staple fiber flexible production line
Polyester is an important product in the chemical fiber field, and its scale and output have been at the top of the list for many years. Chemical fiber factories producing polyester are also everywhere, forming a huge industrial army. However, with fierce market competition and various international restrictions on my country's textile exports, the past major chemical fiber companies that won by scale and output have become increasingly tight. As a result, some chemical fiber companies have begun to blaze a new trail, looking for business opportunities in differentiated products and obtaining new profit growth points.

Since the 21st century, the development of new chemical fiber technology has promoted the continuous development of production technology and equipment in the direction of continuity, automation, flexibility, short flow, energy saving and consumption reduction, and differentiation. In the development of chemical fiber spinning, post-processing and other production equipment, It is further developed in terms of flexibility in one machine with multiple functions, compound differentiation, intelligent digital control, and modular equipment unit structure. The differentiated polyester staple fiber flexible production line is a kind of chemical fiber production device. It uses polyester melt to spin into a certain specification of composite or low-melting fiber through this set of equipment. short fibre.
Technical features and innovations

   The development of this project is to realize the differentiation and flexibility of the equipment around the production of high value-added differentiated fibers, so as to increase the proportion and grade of my country's fiber differentiation and promote the industrial upgrading of the textile industry. The successful research and development of this production line has changed the traditional production process, making the spinning and post-drawing equipment have a major breakthrough in equipment performance, process adaptability, equipment accuracy, reliability, and digital control technology. Differential polyester staple fiber flexible production line has many characteristics different from conventional production lines:

   In-depth research to determine the differential fiber spinning process and technical parameters, a highly automated flexible production line, suitable for the production of high-quality composite yarns (sea-island, sheath-core, side-by-side), low melting point yarns, hollow fibers, functional fibers and other varieties;

  The spinning box adopts a container-type design structure, which can not only meet the production of single- and two-component solid core fibers, but also meet the production process requirements of coarse denier, hollow, and three-dimensional crimped fibers. It has the characteristics of flexible process to adapt to the width of the surface;

  The entire post-processing equipment has been specifically designed according to the requirements of differentiated fiber production. The drafting rollers of the drafting machine adopt a jacketed double-layer design to facilitate the temperature adjustment of the surface of the rollers. The drafting heating box is specially designed for high temperature resistance (temperature up to 200℃). Innovative design to meet the user's requirements for special fibers, so that the post-processing equipment can adapt to the production process requirements of different fibers, varieties and quality;

   The digital control system is further upgraded. Adopt DC bus frequency conversion speed regulation technology, PLC control technology, field bus control system (FCS) and remote monitoring technology to monitor various process parameters and equipment status in the entire production process from spinning to packaging, which can be changed at any time according to production needs Process parameters and change product varieties; all equipment on the production line can be networked through network communication technology to realize the digital control of the entire production line and provide conditions for the factory to apply the ERP system.

   Completed the research and development of screw extruder, spinning box, flexible spinning assembly, cooling blower suitable for differentiated fiber;

  The design of the drafting roller of the post-spinning drafting machine, the composite high-temperature drafting heating box, the ultra-high temperature circulating water circulation system, and the design of the relaxation heat setting machine suitable for differentiated varieties;

   At present, the effect of the demonstration has begun to take shape. Many domestic manufacturers have begun to have a strong interest in differentiated fiber equipment. Many chemical fiber factories have cooperated with our company, and the market prospect is very broad.

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