The role of nylon filter in life


In the wire mesh industry, there is a professional refe […]

In the wire mesh industry, there is a professional reference table of international mesh numbers corresponding to metal mesh and non-metal mesh. The appearance of this table is very friendly to those who have just entered the industry as a reference. We also talked about mesh numbers in the previous article. Originally, the so-called nylon filter mesh actually refers to the number of meshes in 2.54CM (1 inch). The number of meshes is the number of meshes you want to look at, such as 180 mesh filter mesh. It means that there are 180 meshes in 2.54CM. The mesh size of the mesh directly determines the fineness of the filtered items. Small meshes have a general filtering effect. Large meshes and small meshes will filter materials very well. Fine, and how do people know the number of meshes? Is it really to count one by one mesh? The answer is of course no. There are professional textile density mirrors for measuring the number of screen meshes. As long as you use the correct density mirrors to use them, you will get the correct number of mesh yarns. This kind of textile density mirrors can measure the warp and weft threads. Density, when measuring, place the mesh to be measured flat on the table, then take out the density mirror and place it parallel to the direction to be measured, observe the size of the displayed mesh, and the value you see is the mesh of the object to be measured. . Not only can it be used on the filter mesh, it is an indispensable and important measuring tool in cotton and linen screen printing, nylon polyester, metal stainless steel, copper mesh and other industries.

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