They had the opportunity to quietly develop the textile industry


In recent days, the Palestinian-Israeli armed conflict […]

In recent days, the Palestinian-Israeli armed conflict has once again escalated, and the situation is dire and distressing. Eid al-Fitr, which is supposed to be full of joy, is shrouded in the haze of gunfire, fear and death. How can the Palestine-Israel region, where there is no end under the nest and the political situation is turbulent, develop its economy quietly?

China News, on January 30, 2021 local time, the staff of the Israel Antiquities Bureau found fragments of purple fabric in the bronze production area. These fragments can be traced back to the time of the second monarch of the United Kingdom of Israel, David and the third monarch of Solomon. . It is inferred from this that Israel began to develop the textile industry as early as the Western Zhou Dynasty in my country. In 2019, Xinhuanet released a news article that the antibacterial coating technology invented by Bar Ilan University in Israel can turn ordinary fabrics into antibacterial fabrics. This technology is expected to be widely used in the field of antibacterial treatment of medical textiles. In 2018, Gao Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary-General of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, also led a team to Israel to conduct industry diplomacy and industrial cooperation investigations, trying to develop technical cooperation with Israel, seeking some high-tech development technologies for my country's textile industry.
  Israel’s textile industry, if it could actively respond to the impact of online shopping, would have been able to continue its glory in the 1970s.

On the other hand, Palestine, the other side of the conflict, was violently expelled from the land where the Israelis lived because of the special status of "Arabs of Israel", and the use of the new crown vaccine was repeatedly restricted. What is even more absurd is that the Palestinians have free speech. The rights of Israel were also deprived. On May 15, a building in the Gaza Strip was bombed. This 12-story building is the office of Al Jazeera, Associated Press, BBC and other international media. The Palestinians are subject to Israel's "isolation" control in terms of physical freedom, speech space, and living space.

From the perspective of my country’s “One Belt One Road” strategy, Palestine and Israel are both countries along the One Belt One Road strategy. They should have had the opportunity to enjoy the economic prosperity brought about by this policy. But now, the outbreak of the conflict will undoubtedly make the two countries’ economies. Once again in trouble, the development of the textile industry has become empty talk.

   On May 16, the United States, out of self-interest, intervened in the UN Security Council to mediate the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and was severely condemned by my country’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Israel is not the Israel of the United States, and Jerusalem is the Jerusalem of the world. In any case, Israel should not become a tool manipulated by the United States. The editor sincerely hopes that Palestine and Israel will cease fire at an early date, actively respond to historical issues, and resonate the economy.

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