Various color changes for luminous yarn webbing


Luminous products have a unique light-absorbing and lig […]

Luminous products have a unique light-absorbing and light-emitting function, which can absorb any natural light or artificial light, absorb light during the day, and emit light at night, and through the light absorbed during the day, it releases brilliance at night or absorbs light in bright places. It can release a bright and colorful self-luminous function in the dark. The product can produce a variety of light-absorbing and self-luminous colors according to the requirements of the color, including red, green, purple, orange, yellow, blue...etc. After absorbing natural or artificial light during the day or night, it can release a variety of elegant and soft light when it reaches the dark or at night. The light is shining, radiant, sparkling, and full of fun.

How to use luminous powder: New long-lasting luminescent powder can be mixed into plastics. Suggested dosage: 5-20%; Suggested dosage in paints and inks: 30-50%; Suggested dosage in unsaturated polyester crafts: 30-50% ; The recommended addition amount in the glaze: 25-40%. The additive amount of luminous paint is generally 40-60% (the weight of the paint); the solvent-based paint has the best effect; the water-based paint needs to be specially treated with luminous powder before it can be used.

1. Luminous powder has been specially treated and can be printed directly with water-based glue. It will not react.
2. It can be used as an additive, evenly distributed in various transparent media, such as paint, ink, plastic, printing paste, ceramic, glass, chemical fiber, etc., to realize the automatic light-emitting function of the medium. The color and particle size of the luminous powder can be ordered according to specific needs.

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