What is nylon fabric


The advantages and disadvantages of nylon fabrics What […]

The advantages and disadvantages of nylon fabrics
What is nylon fabric
Polyamide fiber (PA), scientific name-nylon-(It is said that it is the first synthetic in China by Jinzhou Chemical Fiber Factory, so it is called nylon), also known as nylon (Nylon), translated as nylon. In other words, nylon fabric is woven from nylon yarn as the main raw material. Belongs to nylon fabric. It is a chemical fiber fabric.
Features of nylon fabric:
1: Nylon fabric has the advantages of good abrasion resistance, good hygroscopicity, good dyeability, good water resistance, good wind resistance, light texture and excellent elasticity. But at the same time, it has the disadvantages of poor heat resistance, poor light resistance, no light resistance, easy aging and easy wrinkling.

2: The comfort of nylon fabric is good, suitable for mountaineering suits, down jackets, jackets, winter clothing, etc. Clothing made of nylon fabric is more comfortable to wear than polyester fabric clothing.

3: There are many types of nylon fabrics (fabrics), and various nylon fabrics woven from nylon yarns can also be called nylon fabrics. Such as Nisi spinning, nylon Oxford cloth, Taslan and so on.
4: Nylon fabric has a wide range of applications. Nissi is suitable for down jacket fabrics and ready-to-wear fabrics. Nylon Oxford fabric is suitable for luggage fabrics. Nylon four-sided elastic is woven from nylon yarn and spandex core. It is suitable for outdoor casual trousers, mountaineering trousers and composite products for jackets and other outdoor products. Nylon four-sided stretch has good fabric tensile strength, wear resistance, vertical texture and good elasticity, and is comfortable to wear. Others such as jacquard taslon, honeycomb taslon, full extinction taslon, etc., suitable for high-end apparel fabrics, windbreaker fabrics, ready-to-wear fabrics, golf apparel fabrics, high-grade down jacket fabrics, high waterproof breathable fabrics, multi-layer composite fabrics, functions Sex fabrics, etc.

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