Which is better, nylon or pe


For friends who like fishing, nylon cord and pe cord ar […]

For friends who like fishing, nylon cord and pe cord are familiar. They are all the lines we use when fishing. So which of nylon thread and pe thread is better? Don't underestimate a thin thread, it can actually bring a big fish under the water. Therefore, there are certain requirements for his flexibility, flexibility and ductility.

Which is better, nylon or pe

Rough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of nylon thread, PE thread and Dali thread

1. The length of nylon thread

This is our fishing friend, the most commonly used fishing line. It is made by heating raw materials and spinning. Most modern nylon threads are synthesized from multiple polymers, and the addition of multiple polymers can enhance the properties of the thread.

1. Features

Colorless and transparent, generally with thinner wire diameter, lower specific gravity, softer, more wear-resistant, nodule strength, good water absorption and more resistant to flooding. At the same time, the nylon line has good ductility, high fishing sensitivity and easy operation. Can withstand a certain degree of impact during mid-fish. It can also be agreed with the specific gravity of water, and can be completely parallel to the surface of the water surface.

2. Features

It has higher versatility and is suitable for use in various fishing methods. Suitable for playing various types of fishing line knots. It has better extensibility and provides cushioning effect.

3. Shortcomings

The thread will stiffen when the water temperature is low, and will age and harden over time. In short, the nylon thread used today. The main thread is mixed with color, and the sub-thread is pure white.

In short, in actual use. Pay attention to a fine match. The reference object is the water condition and the individual size of the target fish. It is not possible to “arrange the piano” to configure the wire set. Fishing is a systematic project, and the combination of all aspects pays attention to the two words "fine". Only by doing our best to improve subjectively can we make up for the lack of objective conditions.

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